The Pettiness of Facebook and Why I Was “Restricted” for 30 Days

What I did This Time I literally said that “men are dumb sometimes”. This is what I said. Now, I’ve seen a lot of things posted on Facebook that demean women. Don’t get me started on WAP and how the men tore into women for that video and the fact that women were okay withContinue reading “The Pettiness of Facebook and Why I Was “Restricted” for 30 Days”

My Seven Days of Exile from Facebook

Let me just start out by saying that Facebook is extra petty. By the time you guys get to see this, I will be back on Facebook because Facebook is mainly where I put my blogs for people to see. With that said, whatever algorithm they use, they need to do better. Not long ago,Continue reading “My Seven Days of Exile from Facebook”

My Dog, Gary “Bear” Johnson

This is my dog Gary. He is a German Shepherd and he is four years old. I got him for security for my daughter (he takes that job so seriously that he will attack me if we’re practicing Taekwondo). I loved dogs for a long time and have had a lot of them. Four yearsContinue reading “My Dog, Gary “Bear” Johnson”

Why I Put Up Unattractive and Crappy Profile and Cover Photos on Facebook

I do what I want and I won’t let society put me in a box because of one or more pic that didn’t hold up to the standard that society . It impacts their treatment of me. I love it.

Why in the World Did I Join a Bipolar Group on Facebook?

I gave all my groups away. I’m not sure if I blogged about it  but I let my feelings be known on another post about how people are.  Since I have done that, I have had more time on my hands and have been reading more and the like.  Because I have been having aContinue reading “Why in the World Did I Join a Bipolar Group on Facebook?”

Adventures in Owning a Single’s Group on Facebook

Sometimes you do things in life and don’t really think them all the way through. I have done that often but this thing that I have done this time is probably the best example. I made a single’s group. Why did I do that?  Well, people do call me crazy BUT I really wanted aContinue reading “Adventures in Owning a Single’s Group on Facebook”

Being a Skinny, Black Girl in America

The picture that I have up is what prompted this blog. I’ve been yelling about this for a long time but today I felt compelled to really talk to you guys about this. Please note that I have ONLY picked being a skinny, BLACK girl in America because that was what I was at oneContinue reading “Being a Skinny, Black Girl in America”

Online Dating – Let’s Be Honest….

GAWD!!!!! About six months ago, I went on OK Cupid to be nosy. My boss was on there and told me that it was pretty nice and she met a lot of nice guys. I went more to observe. I like to observe people. I do that a lot on Facebook too so this wasn’tContinue reading “Online Dating – Let’s Be Honest….”