Being Natural is Hard, Especially Now

Trying to buy Black owned. CHOICES….

I had made a post a while ago about being natural and how I am not a fan of many natural women because they tend to look down on others that aren’t natural. I still stand by that thought.

Now, because of this buying Black movement to take our power back and show how powerful the Black dollar is, there is a list about the Black owned natural hair companies.  Guess what, many of the products that I use and work for me are NOT on said list.

So it’s hard being Black, hard being natural, and hard to buy Black.  The list of things that I personally use are cheap things or I make my own stuff. I have always been lazy with hair and I haven’t regularly gone to a stylist for many years. My friends usually say that I need to take more time out for myself but I’m a single mom so my money for hair went to my daughter’s hair. Then that lil heffa cut her hair off.

So I use Cantu,  As I Am, and dang on Eco styler along with my oils that I mix which are peppermint oil, jojoba, JCBO, grapeseed, avocado oil, olive oil, and maybe almond oil (I get most from the grocery store). I work from home so my hair is rarely out. I am so lazy. With that said, we now have a list of “suggestions” for our hair care products.

Here is an article about the things that AREN’T Black owned. Now let’s add another tier to this Black hair product issue.

One of the companies ON the list of Black hair care sold their company to bigger companies (usually White). The Mane Choice is one of those companies.  Now, if they are, do we STOP buying them because they are no longer Black owned although they were founded by Black folks? Or do we keep using them because they are the intellectual property of Black people? Then are we going to ignore that the color that they saw was green and not Black when they sold their company? Shea Moisture is a question mark as well. I believe they sold their company but don’t quote me.

So I went to CVS and stood in the natural hair lane for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out my life. The ones on the list above were more expensive (I had Extra Bucks though) and seemed to have been sitting there for a long time “collecting dust”. I ended up getting annoyed and leaving.

Why Is This SO Hard?

So we need to buy Black which might mean that we have to pay more. In paying more, we are still not sure that the product will be right for us. So, because it is a Black owned business, does that make it better for all our hair? No. That’s the thing about our hair, it’s all different. While Cantu (not Black owned) works VERY well for my daughter and I, they don’t work for others.  As I Am Coconut Cowash is like crack and my hair loves it. It’s not Black owned.

Now I’m not throwing anything out or any of that but I will actually give the ones on the list of Black owned businesses a chance. 

But I Have Questions

I am all for buying Black. Only black people do my hair because they know our hair. My daughter went to a kids salon that was Black owned (they moved to NC on me). So I get it. BUT what if these White owned companies like Pantene, Cantu, etc DIDN’T make products for natural hair? Wouldn’t we be complaining about that? They made products to include us but now we’re like “But you ain’t Black so nah”. These bigger companies make these products and gear them to us including the price and locations sold. To me, that means they think of us and have Black people advising them at least because their products work for some of us.

Namely Pantene was one of the first big companies that made a line for our hair YEARS ago.

Another Tier

In buying Black, they also want is to go to black owned beauty supply stores. They don’t want us to go to the hood beauty supply stores usually owned by Koreans. Nope, we need to buy it from the Black beauty supply stores. There aren’t many and, if there are some, they aren’t close by.

One way or another, we aren’t buying ALL Black if we purchase a product. Shoot, some aren’t even manufactured here. So I don’t even know anymore. Don’t forget,  I am a Virgo and really overanalyze a lot of things. I wanted to support Whitney’s (Naptural85 on YouTube)  Melanin products but the main one I wanted was sold out and it’s kind of new so there aren’t a lot of products yet. She used to make her own products and we saw how it impacted her hair. It’s gorgeous. She is also part of the reason I transitioned.

In the End….

Man, do what you want for your hair. If it works for you,  purchase it. If you want to support Black owned businesses, do that too. Everything shouldn’t be so complex. No ONE buys all black unless you are growing your own food and all that as well. All of this is tiring. I have friends that make their own products and I buy from them, they are Black. We don’t have to buy EVERYTHING Black. I would say to at least make an effort but don’t give yourself a headache trying to do so.

Natural Hair and Buying Black, Let’s Discuss the Variables and What’s Hard

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