I have always wondered what the world would have been like if we had always had phones.  I have often caught myself watching shows like Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey wondering how much faster things could have been solved if there were phones.  John Snow would’ve known that all his siblings were good. Arya would have known too instead of going from place to place.  Well, I now know what life is withOUT phones because I am naked and afraid without my phone. Here is my story (and it’s only just beginning):

I love music so much that I was upset when I figured out that there was something wrong with my audio jack. At first, I blamed my headphones and then I blamed my jack in my car when I only heard music coming from the left.  I finally figured out (on my own, thank you) that it was, in fact, the phone.  Crap, I need to change my review of the AUX cord that I had gotten off Amazon.  I blamed them and said that it stopped working after 3 mos.  My bad.  But I digress.

I took my stupid phone to Sprint thinking that I could drop it off for a few minutes and come back to my phone that I love so dearly but, alas, they didn’t have the part for it and had to send it out. Not only did they say they had to send it out; they had no loaner phone for me.  I PANICKED!  I had to weigh this very heavily in my mind. Go without your phone and get lost trying to find places or be stranded if your car breaks down OR hear your music out of all speakers and headphones when you go driving and walking (remember, I walk my dog with my great music a few times a day).  I had to go ahead and let them take the phone. No lie, I was so mad when I left Sprint that I walked out with the meanest look on my face. Unfortunately, I had a sun dress on and the dumb dudes decided to try their hand to talk to me even with the “I hate everyone right now” look I had on my face.I now regret it though.  Why?  *in my Spongebob pirate voice* Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Crappy Music on the Radio

Have you LISTENED to the trash they have on the radio now?  I literally rode home in silence and thought to myself because I refused to listen to the trash that is on the flippin radio.  I don’t listen to the radio.  I listen to Spotify.  MY playlists only.  I love real music. I love all kinds of music but the trash that is out now is saddening.  I appreciate music by the likes of Luther Vandross, Mint Condition, Aerosmith, ABBA, New Edition, Sting, etc.  I want to cry just typing those beautiful names of people with real talent. *sigh*

I Have to Stand in Line at Starbucks

I usually order my stuff from Starbucks, walk in there, pick it up, and bounce. Well, the app is on my phone.  That mesans I literally have to stand in line like the other people. I haven’t stood in line in Starbucks since they got the app to order online.  Like really?  I felt special and now I will be like everyone else again. AND I don’t now where I put my stupid gold card so that’s more stupidity.

FitBit Challenges, Water Intake, Weight UGH!!!

I’m in a really bitter challenge with a group of people that I have to fight with every single week so that I can get in the top 3 every week. These jerks seem to walk all day and all night. Some of them will probably be reading this.  I’m going to have to see if the computer I have has bluetooth so I can try to sync my Fitbit. Otherwise, it’s going to sit there until we all sync and the guy said I won’t get my phone for like 5 days.

I Guess I Will Have to Read More

I wait for my daughter to get off the bus and usually play Words with Friends.  Well, I have a tablet but it doesn’t have WiFi on it.  Well, now I have to read a book or something.  I do need to finish reading The Walking Dead Compendium 2 as well as all these flippin Game of Thrones books I have but still…..Not only that but now I have to sit on the toilet and think about life or something.

Waiting Will Just Be…..Waiting

I can’t wait in line and check my bank account or talk about what I just saw to my folks on Facebook. I can’t text my friends and check on them.  They can’t text me.  I mean, I like being alone and all but still.  Sometimes I like to talk about stuff. I will have to wait until I get to my computer to talk about stuff that pops up in my brain (and things are ALWAYS popping up in my brain).  My randomness will be quelled until I can get a phone.

I Have to Walk My Dog….In SILENCE!!!

I try to tune the world out when I walk my dog.  I like to be all excited to walk and stuff and walk fast but….no music.  I can charge up my little iTouch.  It has some great music on it so that might help.  YAY!!!


A lot of people love to see videos and pics of my daughter, dog, and cat.  I get a LOT of Instagram likes for those videos (no one cares about my pics and videos).  So, for the next 5 days, I won’t be able to record these great vids of the crazy folks that live with me.  And watch they do all the fun stuff and I’m just gonna be sitting there wishing that I could record it.

Calendars and Alarms

Come on, man!  All of my alarms are in that stupid phone.  I had to put them on my tablet.  But my calendars:  I think I have something that I was supposed to do next week and I don’t remember what time it was.  Shoot, even my Period Tracker is on the thing. I think I’m supposed to take my NuvaRing out on Saturday.  Well, it’s a good thing I don’t have sex anymore.  Shoot, the flippin thing even tells me when my period is supposed to come. I think it’s due soon. *falls out*  I have to take Gary to Petsmart tomorrow for grooming and now I have to give them my HOUSE phone to call me on.  This also means that I have to answer my house phone.  I NEVER ANSWER MY HOUSE PHONE!!!!

So What Good Comes from This?

Well, I guess that I will have more conversations with my daughter in the car although we have great conversations anyway that I sometimes record for my friends on Facebook because they LOVE to see my daughter.  I guess that I will read more because I will need something to pass the time when I wait for things.  I had planned to take my daughter to the National Harbor this weekend so I guess we will have more time to interact instead of me trying to take pics of her and all the fun we will have.  I will also drive less distracted.  Yes, sometimes I’m fiddling with my phone when I’m driving or sitting at a light.  That will work.  Thanks to Sprint, the world will be free of my distracted driving.  The funny thing is that I probably got the internet on my phone about 4 years ago.  All I had before was text. Oh well, back to those times. My feelings are hurt.  I kind of don’t want to leave the house because I don’t want something to happen and I won’t have a phone.  LOL  I know numbers by heart but come on, there are no pay phones around here anymore. What am I supposed to do?  Ask someone to borrow their phone?   Man, let me go walk this dog…….in SILENCE!!!!!

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Blogging about life. Well, my life. As a black, bipolar, mom to a teenager with special needs, well, there is always a story to tell. From my aversion to having a man to my weird experiences while trying to avoid people, it's all there. Being me is.... different but it always makes for good blogs.

One thought on “I HAVE NO PHONE!!!!

  1. Damn girl…. seriously I get it. I was without my phone for a few days not that long ago, it’s like my lifeline. I totally panicked also! Many of the same thoughts went through my head. I never give out my house number, hell I don’t even know it! lol I could go on and on you know me. Enjoy your time with your baby and do that positive spin you put on things!

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