I’m Unemployed

Man, it sucks to be unemployed.  The days seem to go by a lot faster when you don’t work.  You tend to stress yourself out and let yourself go as well.  I was let go on Monday, July 6th.  I was called and offered a new job on Tuesday, July 7th.  Even still, I’m stressed out.  So what do you do when you lose a job?


Yes, go to the doctor because your insurance is going to end.  My insurance will end on July 31, 2015.  I’m in great shape as is my daughter, however, I am on medications that I cannot miss.  This will be a problem.  I told all of my doctors what was going on and they know what’s up.  Some of them have helped me out as well.  All docs are not out there to get money. Some of them care about their patients thankfully.  I have a number of them and I love them for it. My daughter went to the dentist last Friday, goes to her annual next Friday, and will get her filling (one cavity) the following Friday.  It’s cutting it close but that was all I could get for her filling.


You don’t want to go without insurance.  I worked with insurance so I know this.  Things come up and you don’t want to be responsible for paying full price for services.  It’s the last thing you want to do.  Even if you get a plan with a high deductible, that’s fine because you still get the contract discount so GET INSURANCE.  I went on MD Health Connection and applied for all the insurance I could get.  I just got a premium response from Blue Choice.  I would have to pay a little over $200 for my plan.  I then had to get my daughter insurance.  I did hers through Medicaid (this is only temporary and hopefully she won’t need to go to the doctor any time during this two months that I won’t have employer insurance).  You can do this ALL through MD Health Connection (if you live in MD).  When it comes to kids, having Medicaid isn’t a bad thing.  As an adult, however, many providers don’t take it.  At least Kie can still go to Children’s Hospital providers.


This is the first thing you should do. I filed the day I lost my job.  I had to call and do it because I couldn’t do it online. Now I can because I forgot that I was unemployed about 7 years ago and had to use them before.  I let them know that I was discharged from my position and they told me that they would send me information.  I got that information on Friday.  I turned all requested information in to them (through the mail) on Monday.  I have every single note that I have regarding the discharge as well as my grievances with the manager that fired me.  They forget that they aren’t the only people that can write people up or record things. ALWAYS cover your butt when you KNOW something is about to go down.  I knew something was going to go down when I was sent home on Thursday, July 3rd.  I went and got all my things the next day.  I knew what was going to happen on Monday due to the fact that I already knew how petty the manager was.  The sad part is that the physicians (whose business it is) had NO clue of all the complaints that their staff had with the manager.  I had asked one of the physicians to have a meeting just with the staff so that they could tell them.  However, that never came to fruition.  One of the docs knew about how I felt that the new manager micromanaged to the point that she made things more difficult that truly didn’t need to be.  Another doc that left the practice saw how the manager listened to every single conversation I had with coworkers and on the phone. She always jumped in when people came to ask me questions.  Hence the reason I had started writing about this manager back in November of 2014.  She hadn’t even been there for a year before I had figured out the kind of person she was.  But it’s their mistake.  The manager had the gall to ask me “Is there anything you would like to turn over before you leave?”  My response “That’s your responsibility now.”  Why would I help you?  You had a great coder and biller.  EVERYONE knew that.  Even the people who no longer worked there knew that but I still was let go.  People say that this is a blessing in disguise and it is.  The new job that I have accepted starts 8/10/2015, pays more, and is remote.  I had declared on Facebook a few weeks ago that I was going to have a remote position by next year and I got it.


I was sent home on Thursday and that was the day I started looking (again) for a job. Why am I saying “again”?  Well, because I literally turned down THREE jobs to stay with my employer. THREE jobs out of loyalty.  I had been having problems with the manager and told one of the doctors that I was having problems with her.  I also let her know that I had gotten a job offer.  It’s not like they didn’t know.  The doctor actually spoke WITH the manager and the manager then spoke to me. She knew I had a problem with her.  So I started looking on Thursday, got calls and interviews that I went to on Monday and Tuesday but I had also taken a test on that Thursday for a remote position which I was called and told that I received.  I am waiting on the background check to finish and then the drug test.  I have no issues with my background or drugs but it’s still scary. I also had a great FORMER boss that has looked out for me.  I have been through FOUR managers at my previous employer.  Three out of four managers loved me.  What does that tell you about me?  If I had to start taking notes of my grievances with this last one…well….Please believe I didn’t want my former boss to go but she came upon a better opportunity. She talked to me before she took the position.  I couldn’t stop her from doing what she had to do.  I love her to death and she has actually referred me to two employment agencies who decided to represent me just off her word alone.


I stopped eating.  I weighed about 197 lbs but when I went to my doctor’s appointment, I found out I weighted 190.  I couldn’t eat and I only slept barely because of medication.  I was stressed out.  I’m a single mother and I get no support from my daughter’s father so it’s all on me.  I live with my parents and I didn’t want to let them down so I was truly stressing out.  My father told me that I can’t stress because it won’t help the situation.  It didn’t help the situation but I’m still stressed because I have at least one month of bills to pay with NO job.  This is a problem for me.  I was getting my credit in order and doing well.  This setback stresses me out.  Yes, I have money in the bank for emergencies but I just don’t want to use it.


Continue to stay on your work schedule.  Don’t just be going to sleep because you can.  Lord knows I could take a few naps but my anxiety won’t really let me.  I’m sleepy right now but I’ve been working on school work and just getting things in order for when I’m employed again. That’s all you can do.

In the end, losing your job SUCKS but don’t let it make you lazy, scare you, or make you dependent on others.  I will work at Staples or Kmart (again) if I have to. Times are hard and losing your job can seriously be a humbling experience.  I always tell people that God will humble you.  I’ve always been thankful for my job though because this definitely is NOT the first time I have been unemployed.  It was a part of my regular life before I found the job that I had for seven years.  No one wants to be unemployed but you have to keep fighting to make it so that you’re not unemployed.  I’m still fighting and still acting as if I don’t have a job.  I was offered a job but that background check and drug test still scare me (I have no issues in either area but still).  I will continue to look as if I have no job.  This, like most things, is just a test.  I plan on passing it as I have done in the past.  I know it won’t be easy but this is the reality for me.  Hopefully, I can get unemployment for this brief time that I am unemployed.  If not….well…that’s another battle for me to fight.

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Blogging about life. Well, my life. As a black, bipolar, mom to a teenager with special needs, well, there is always a story to tell. From my aversion to having a man to my weird experiences while trying to avoid people, it's all there. Being me is.... different but it always makes for good blogs.

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